Adrian Watters


  Adrian Watters
Marketing Coordinator - Global Ostomy Marketing - UK

What attracted you to the position at ConvaTec?
I had recently finished a year-long internship in the US and I was looking to find a marketing role within the medical devices industry closer to home. When the opportunity came to join ConvaTec, namely the Ostomy Care franchise, it felt like things had come full circle – when I was 16 I had colectomy surgery, I lived with an ileostomy for two years before having it reversed. Ten months into the role, no one day is the same but the drive to improve the lives of ostomates remains central to my work.  

What is the first thing you do when you get started with work for the day?
I will often start off my morning by checking my inbox; being in a global role, emails filter through in the early hours of the morning. I quickly grab my breakfast before jumping on a series of calls with our marketing and supply chain colleagues in the APAC region. The calls usually wrap up just before 9 am, I then make my way into the office.

What are your main areas of focus in your work as a marketing coordinator? 
Currently, I am solely involved in the Advanced Pouch System (APS) project. Our aim with APS has been to rationalise and simplify our portfolio, while also introducing a new enhanced range of pouches under the Esteem™+ and Natura™+ brands.  Our enhanced APS portfolio is first and foremost about meeting the needs of ostomates. My role within the project involves working with the local marketing teams and supply chain to confirm portfolios, forecasts and launch dates. I work with our regulatory team to ensure that the markets are registered to sell the products and that the product is reimbursed. Moreover, I have worked alongside an agency to develop our marketing collateral to ensure that the local markets have all they require to have a successful launch.
Alongside my work commitments, I am also a member of the Office Social committee in Deeside/GDC; we are currentlybusy with the planning of our Christmas event which is sure to be massive success! 

As a marketing coordinator, do you collaborate with a team or mainly work autonomously? Which do you prefer?
I often find myself deep in spreadsheets, I’ve spent many afternoons developing our so called "master tracker", which displays the transition of legacy product to the new APS range. However, for the most part I work with others, whether that be other members of the Global Marketing team, regional marketing teams, or across other functions such as Supply Chain, Demand Planning, PMO, R&D, Regulatory and Quality. I like the collaborative nature of my work, ensuring to keep the lines of communication as open as possible. 

Which part of your work do you enjoy the most, and why?
I enjoy the global aspect of my role, I gain great satisfaction from playing a part in launching new innovative products in over 100 countries, which help to improve the lives of our customers.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?
I love to travel and explore new places, I’ve been fortunate to visit France, Italy, Denmark, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro this year.  I am a huge American Football fan and I have been to 20 games in various US cities. However, this year I made the short trip down to Wembley Stadium to see the action rather than go Stateside!


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