Alla Matus

Alla Matus
LEAN/productivity Engineer, CSSGB, Belarus
"The only way to do great work is to love what you do"


6:15 Each morning when I open my eyes I say, “Thank you God, that I have such an interesting life, good health and I feel that I can use my energy for doing something important!” I mean it is a great feeling when you do what you really like to do. Working at a company which manufactures medical devices to save people’s lives gives me inspiration. I am proud and happy that I have such an interesting role where I can use my skills to make changes. My role in the company is to drive improvements, to motivate people around me, to see opportunities and inspire them to participate in daily improvements. Usually I spend extra 15 min in bed after the alarm goes off in order to think about the future day and to start planning and formulate goals and objectives for this day. I feel that ConvaTec is my second family and as I do not have my own family yet, my work is my life.

8:00 I have an opportunity to develop myself and read some articles related to Lean News, review LinkedIn pages, English improving videos and etc. This time is available during our trip to the office by the company bus.

8:30 Checking e-mail, creating a plan for the day, analyzing production performance from theprevious production day. I always challenge myself to create a plan for the working day based on a Sense of Urgency.

9:00 We call this time: Going to Gemba. Gemba is the place where real work is done. In our case, these are production areas. As we have a local 5S team and a suggestion system at our plant, it is very important to have a daily contact with production employees in order to involve them in the process of continuous improvements. It can be Kaizen Event, 5S activities, SMED exercises etc.. Our production uses a lot of manual operations. It means that our people create products with care and love. During our collaboration, I see that they deeply understand what it means by improving the lives of  people we touch. Always thinking about safety and satisfaction of our customer is our main principle during decision making. My role is to help keep up motivation for our workers, listening to their suggestions, involving them to participate in 5S activities, Kaizen Event, develop the suggestion system and train them to sustain everything that we have already achieved. I do my best to demonstrate the company’s values and show them that the company cares about its employees and recognizes that our employees care about each other and our customers. During my GEMBA walk I communicate with shift supervisors (in relation to the status of improvements and what is going on in the production areas), with 5S representatives who inform me on our improvement plan implementation and any news, trying to give them a feedback related to the raised questions.

10:00 Morning Leadership meeting. Usually we discuss news, risks, new opportunities for improvements. I personally report about Kaizen Events which were completed, plans, ongoing 5S activities and audit results, status of CI projects and TOP-10 monthly wastes of materials. It is a great opportunity to make an overview from different points of view and receive support from the management team to solve issues and speed up processes.


11:00 Daily routine: Responding to my mails, collecting data from production line, preparing future meeting agendas, updating visualization desks with the latest news.

12:30 We have a 30 minutes break for lunch. I have a rule for myself: 15 minutes are spent for lunch and 15 minutes are spent for walking around the plant. Fresh air and sunshine helps me to refresh my brain and to keep a healthy life style. Usually I walk fast – it helps to relieve stress!


13:00 Today we have scheduled a weekly production meeting. As it is the end of the month our meeting starts with the discussion of monthly performance results and a production bonus. To understand the situation better, we start from the backorder report to identify a root cause for the problem and to try to find the best/innovative solution. The local CI team is prepared to analyze reports related to violations in Operation KPI: materials, labor and machine efficiency. This report consists of pre-investigation results for negative variances and is an input for initiating Kaizen Events, CI projects or just quick solution of a problem which is a source of any variances. During this meeting our team creates a production plan for the next month/week/day, distributes resources by group, estimates material stocks and machines availability, OEE metric and any other risks and potential constraints. Besides that, we are planning Lean activities in the production areas for future week. Exactly for this week we plan to have an internal 5S audit and the preparation process has already been completed.

14:30 Lets have a look what I have on my To do list: creating Kaizen Event reports, status report for current CI projects, arrange meetings for this week for financial validation, some figures in our Hopper list, monthly local CI team meeting. Let's stast with Kaizen Event reporting: for example, this month our team has imprelemnted 2 Kaizen ideas, helping our plant to save over 40k $ per year. Those improvements were aimed at eliminating waste on a production operation from 12% to 0% and reducing a sampling size for quality testing by combining production orders during the planning process.


15:30 I’m in the production area working with the team on a new Kaizen event. Before starting to analyze the process, the shift supervisor informed us about the production input in  relation to the line we are going to improve and draws our  attention to EHS requirements during implementation. It is a great time to work with people who are involved in the production process and are experts in their field.When we combine our knowledge and their practical experience we can drive excellence and innovations. The task was created: Value stream map from material delivery at the warehouse to the release of finished goods


16:30 Work on the Project Portfolio and Hopper List which is a list of all our projects. I’m responsible for weekly reporting for all updates, but usually I spend 10-15 min daily reviewing our Hopper List and entering updates. For example, now I’m adding our latest Kaizen events, adding savings into our Hopper List, sending reminders to other projects leads related to deadlines of projects.

17:00 By the end of the day I feel that it was another fantastic day on a Lean journey in ConvaTec. The last 10 minutes of the working day I spend doing 5S quick exercises at my workplace (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) In general, what motivates me is that every working day is completely different. The previous day was not like today and tomorrow will be another wonderful day full of interesting tasks and events!


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