Danielle Harris


 Danielle Harris
Senior Account Manager, Wound Therapeutics, UK

6am - The temptation to hit the snooze button on the alarm is immense, especially in these winter months when I know I am likely to be greeted by either a harsh frost or pouring rain when I step outside. But as the cows shouts get louder and louder from the barn next door, the realisation hits that its “Breakfast time” and I drag myself out of bed and into multiple layers of clothing ready to face whatever the good old British weather is throwing at us today. Opening the barn door I am greeted by a line of expectant faces and loud moos, Winnie (My “pet” in the heard) is always first to come for a morning head scratch, closely followed by Grump who will barge everyone else out the way, to be first in line for breakfast. Once the cows are all happily munching away on their silage and all the morning checks have been done I head back in to dry off or defrost by the AGA.

8am - With the transformation from farm clothes to business dress completed, I sit down with a well-needed cup of coffee and reply to any urgent emails or admin requests. With the increasing pressures on the district nursing teams in my territory I always drop them a call first thing to check our meeting is still ok to go ahead, after 4 years in this job I know that their situations can change overnight and they really value the fact I take this into consideration, instead of just rocking up with lunch and expecting our meeting to be their priority! Luckily today everything is fine and the meeting is confirmed with 12 of them expected to be in the office. The great thing about confirming meetings in the morning, is that if they do have to re schedule I can then re plan my day and look to target other customers in line with my account plan, without having wasted precious time travelling to a meeting that would not have gone ahead. A final check that I have all the literature and samples I need for the days meeting, and then it is into the car and off to my first call.

10am - Geographically my territory is huge and like today most of my lunch meetings at the moment are a good hour and half to two hours away, this is due to a recent formulary inclusion in the northern part of my territory for AQUACEL® Foam dressing. This new inclusion has provided me with a huge opportunity to grow my foam business, so I am concentrating on meeting with all the district nurses in this area to provide product training and encourage appropriate usage. To break up the travel time and ensure I am using my time effectively I plan my route so that I can make some calls on the way to the main lunch meeting. Today I am calling in on some practice nurses who attended our recent study event, by delivering their attendance certificates in person I am able to grab them for a quick follow up, this is especially important after this recent event, as we introduced them to a new product and I am keen to get feedback and address any questions they may have. After a short wait in reception the nurses are happy to see me and are full of praise for both the study event and the new product I presented to them. It is always great to hear that the nurses enjoyed the study event and even better when they tell you that as a result they have changed some elements of their practice. The study events take a lot of organising and can be very time consuming, but feedback like that makes it worth it and I am now excited to see a reflection in the sales figures.


1pm- Lunch meeting time! I have seen this team a couple of times before so I always start my meetings by asking for some feedback about the dressings they have been using since we last met. Today’s feedback was really positive! They had used AQUACEL® Foam dressing on a few patients and especially on one of the wounds they had mentioned at our last meeting, better still the wound had really progressed and they told me how the patient had commented on how comfortable it was. For me this is one of the stand out parts of my job, to hear that our products are having a positive impact on patients lives is fantastic, and to know that in this case it was as a result of me introducing the clinician to this product gives me a real sense of pride. On the back of this feedback, I decided to go through the latest exudate curve with the team and talk around the appropriate usage of our products in relation to exudate levels and tissue types. The meeting concludes and I agree to follow up with the team in a few weeks time. Back in the car I grab a quick bit of lunch (some soup I have managed to keep warm in a flask as I am still trying to eat healthy after the festive binge!) and then onto another base.


2.30pm  - Today I am dropping in on a team that I have not had a meeting with previously, the plan is to introduce myself and try and arrange a suitable date for a lunch meeting. I am lucky enough to catch the team just as they are finishing handover, introduction complete, I find out from the team lead that the nurses are familiar with most of our products, so I very quickly run through the main points about AQUACEL® Foam dressing and seem to have captured their interest as they ask me to come in next week for a lunch meeting, to talk to them in more detail. I thanked them for their time and left them with a resource pack. Now it is onto a team in another area of my territory that is in the direction of home, fingers crossed the traffic allows me to get there before they have all headed out on their late afternoon visits!

4.45pm -The traffic has been kind today and I have managed to avoid the dreaded M6 and get home in good time. I have missed a couple of calls from some of my team due to the awful signal in the rural parts of my territory so I return their calls to catch up on any developments and agree some action points going forward. Next up is completing my daily admin, I enter all my calls and any notes into the CRM system and update my calendar with the new meetings I have booked. Tomorrow I have a really early start, so I do my route planning and read up on notes from previous meetings so I can decide what direction to take in tomorrow’s lunch meeting. Plans complete I log off and make a start on packing the car.

6pm - Dinner time... for the cows anyway! The temperature has dropped again and they are in need of some fresh bedding, whilst the girls are all busy tucking into dinner I make a start on spreading the straw. For the calves this is like play time, and I can only imagine it compares to a childs wild half an hour before bed! They are leaping about jumping on and off the bales and racing round like they are trying out for this years grand national! I leave them to it and head inside, it’s finally dinner time for us. 


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